• Lori Somerville


We talk an awful lot about the walk of a Chrisitan, but what does that really mean?

The word walk refers to our entire way of life, and it has several concepts imbedded in it.

First, it implies a destination: you must point your life toward the will and glory of God. If any of you have tried teaching a child to ride a bike lately you will understand what I am trying to get at here. You will go where you point your eyes.........if you point your eyes at the ditch on the side of the guessed it. You will find yourself spending time in the ditch. Are your eyes focused on things eternal or worldly?

Second, it implies dependence: when you walk you place one foot in front of the other, putting all of your weight on that foot for that step. You must rest all of the weight of your soul on God's power, not your own. God is always big enough to bear the weight of each step He is urging you to take. Who is leading in your walk - you or God?

Third, walking implies dedication. You must continually take steps to reach your destination. We must perpetually call on God to do what we cannot do alone. As a child learning to get around we often have to learn to crawl before we can walk before we can run. As an adult we forget how many times we had to fall down and get back up when learning how to walk on our own. Our victory is born out of every fall we take and then get back up and take another step. Are you all in? Are you committed to get to where God wants to take you?

As Christians, the way that we walk out our growing faith in Christ is a witness to everyone around us. Some days we may be a shining example of what a Christian is and other days we may fall into the category of being a good example of a bad example. Our walk will never be perfect but if we focus on the destination that awaits us, we will find that every step in the journey was worth it.

Father God, does my walk point to you? Because I want it to. I will always use my words to tell people about you but help me walk in a way that sometimes I don't even need to use my words. I want my life to glorify you while I am here. Amen.

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