• Lori Somerville

Bumper Sticker Christianity

I scrolling through my Facebook Feed the other day and post after post was of a bible verse or some cute little statement pulled from the Bible and given a modern slant (some completely taken out of context but that's a whole other post :) ). It made me wonder are we really helping to share the gospel by doing this or are we giving Christianity a bad rap?

I will absolutely be the first to admit I do it. All the time. And sometimes people reach out to me and tell me that the words I posted helped them through their day. So it's not a bad thing. Unless our bumper sticker verses on social media are the only exposure people have to Christians and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Christian faith is not defined by knowing a few Bible verses or a certain prayer but having a living, breathing, vibrant relationship with Jesus. And let's be honest, more and more people every day are falling victim to the lie that what happens on our social media pages are real. I've had adult friends be totally devastated by someone "unfriending" them on Facebook. So let me start by simply stating this: "The reason Facebook and other social media applications are so popular is because they allow us to escape our reality". On social media you can be anything you want to be. It's every little girl and boy's dream - you can put yourself out there as a superhero or a princess and even get your ego stroked in the process.

But the reality is that none of it is real. And when we are walking through a season of grief or loss or hurt or when we are facing off with some of those deeply broken places inside of ourselves a bumper sticker version of a verse from the Bible isn't going to cut it. We need relationship. We need community. We need to know that even when we fall there are people around us who will pick us back up. Even if we walk away there are people who will stand watching and waiting for our return so that they can welcome us back with open arms. We were created for community.

And the reality is that when all we give a person is a couple of words pulled from the Bible we are robbing that person from receiving the raw beauty and power of the Bible. When I first began reading the Bible none of it really made sense to me. I didn't get what a lot of it had to do with me. Until I did. And then my whole world changed. My time of reading the Bible went from something I did because I was supposed to to something I did because it releases power and strength into me to face my day, my week, my month, my year.

The world needs Jesus. That has never been more true. But what the world really need is us. A group of people bold enough to present them with the real gospel. To introduce them to the real Jesus. To the strength and power and joy that our faith provides. They don't need more words...….they need a people willing to disciple those around us right into the Kingdom of Heaven. They need people willing to wade right into their brokenness and walk through it all with them.

Will you be the one?

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