• Lori Somerville

Don't Confuse God With People

People will let us down

People will hurt us - even when they don't mean to........

I'm sure each one of us can come up with a list as long as our arms of people who have hurt us or disappointed us or been less than honest with us.

And if we are honest, probably an equally long list of the times that we have let other people down or been the source of someone else's disappointment.

God will not.

God is good - in every circumstance.

But we often confuse God with people

When things don’t happen when we think they should have

When things don’t happen how we think they should have.

When our prayers aren't answered the way we wanted them answered.

When we don’t see the promises of God coming true in our life.

When we see other people getting blessed while we are still struggling.

It becomes really easy to believe the lie that it must not have been God or that God is just like every other person I've ever met.

We are not called to be a people that listen to the lies. We are called to be a people that stand on the truth.

So let me ask you a question -

Do you believe that the Bible contains the word of God or not?

Because the Bible tells me at Hebrews 10:23

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.

God is faithful.

And if he who promised is faithful……………..

Then maybe the problem lies within me and not him.

We are fast approaching a time when we as believers are going to have to make a choice:

Either God is everything the Bible says HE is or he’s not.

God either is or He isn’t.

The Bible is either the Word of God or it isn't.

Either our hope is in HIM or it isn't.

And if it is, then we need to start living like we believe that.

What if it's not God who has waivered but us?

Ouch right?

But if we believe that God is and that the Bible is His Word and His Word tells us that He is faithful...........than what other explanation can there be?

It's time for all of us, as followers of the living God, to begin to live as though our God is alive and active in our lives. To live as though God means what he says. To live as though His Word truly has the power to transform our lives. To live as though His promises are for us. To live as though God is for us. To rise up and declare the goodness of God over our lives and over our circumstances. To declare that even the bad stuff will be turned into a blessing over us. We need to begin speaking the Word of God over ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, our towns, our states and our nation. Because that book we claim to believe in says that the Word of God will not return void. And if we believe that then we need to open our mouths and release that Word into the atmosphere all around us.

It's time to shake off the apathy of the American church and start to live like true disciples of Jesus Christ. To worry more about winning souls than lights and smoke machines and the perfect worship performance. It's time to love with abandon like Jesus did. To start living for Him - not just on Sundays - but every single day. To live our faith out loud. Just like Jesus did.

Let's start today.

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