• Lori Somerville

Our Anchor

When I was a kid growing up we lived on a lake. We learned to swim as soon as we could walk. We had an old wooden rowboat that we traveled our world with. That rowboat was heavy – I can’t count the hours I spent in that old boat exploring the lake, reading, swimming, etc. Some of my favorite memories involve that old rowboat and the adventures we used to have with it and that old boat taught me some valuable life lessons as well.

I escaped to that old boat one day and set out for the middle of the lake. The water was a little choppy but it was a hot, summer day and I had a book tucked under my arm. I threw my anchor over the side of the boat and curled up to enjoy my book. The gentle rocking of the waves and the warm sun made for a perfect day. What I didn’t realize though was that the rope that held my anchor had gotten tangled up and my anchor never reached bottom so the entire time I was enjoying the sun the waives and my book the boat had drifted a long way from home. I proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes rowing my way home.

During this past year – facing a pandemic, a hate-filled political cycle and just the day to day struggles of life in general, I often reflected on that old rowboat and the lesson it taught me about anchors.

I think one of the things that this past year has revealed to all of us is the strength of our anchor and the importance of knowing what you are anchored to.

In an instant, it felt like our entire lives changed. We were shut up in our homes, our churches were closed, grocery stores became scary places and fear and hate seemed to surround us. And some of us found ourselves being swept away in that current of hate and fear and isolation.

Just like in that old rowboat……..our anchor is important. The condition of the chain that holds our anchor and who or what we are anchored to. If the chain holding my anchor is weak, I will lose my anchor and be swept away by the current. My anchor may be firm but if the links in the chain are weak…so is my connection to my anchor. It’s equally as important that we know who or what we are anchored to.

What are you anchored in?

What is the condition of the links in your chain?

What you are anchored to and the condition of your connection to that anchor

The Bible tells us that if Jesus is our anchor we are going to be okay regardless of what comes against us.

Hebrews 13:8 – Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Jesus doesn’t change. He doesn’t change His mind. He doesn’t change His direction. He is for us……….in the quiet waters and in the middle of our storms

In a world that is constantly changing, his love, his mercy and his grace doesn’t change

And again

Isaiah 6:19

19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Jesus is the assurance that we have an anchor for our souls.

Look at the words used to describe that anchor

Firm and Secure.

He is the anchor for our souls – firm and secure.

He is offering us security in an insecure world.

The world is in need of a church that is secure in the knowledge that Jesus is the anchor of our souls.

The whole world is in need of HOPE

He is our HOPE

And if HE is what you are clinging to then you have an amazing source of hope to get you through the storms of life and an amazing source of hope to offer everyone around you.

If you don't know this Jesus I speak of, we at Cornerstone Community Church would love to introduce you. There is hope for you too.

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