Our Words Become Our Witness

Are the words you are using in your day to day life creating the witness you want to present to the World? Do your words give a glimpse into the love of Jesus Christ that you have found and want to share with those around you?

Personally, I have to admit, not always. In complete transparency, I think we can all agree that there are days that our words don’t bring honor and glory to the Father.

In the words of James (found in James 3):

“The tongue is a very small part of the human body yet it carries great power”.

As almost all of us can attest, that very small part of our body is capable of inflicting or causing great damage to those around us. And almost all of us have at one point in our life been on the receiving end of wounds by the words someone else spoke to us or about us.

The tongue may be small, but it’s power is no joke. Very similar to a mighty ship that is steered and directed by a tiny rudder; it only takes small adjustments to change the trajectory of the entire ship. The same is true of our tongue. Minor adjustments to what we use our words for can change the entire course of our lives and the lives of those around us. What if instead of criticism we offered encouragement; instead of judgment we offered praise?

The Bible tells us that “We use our tongues, our words, to praise God, our Father and so it should be. We use that same tongue to curse or criticize men and women who are made in the very image of the Father. Out of the same mouth we pour out our praise one minute and curse God’s creation in the next. This should not be.”

We need to be so very careful what words we are allowing out of our mouths, especially as the days become darker. Our words should bring life and not death; hope and not despair; heal and not wound. Our words should strengthen those who are weak and give courage to those who are faltering and unite people not sow seeds of division.

The truth is that we ARE judged by the words we choose to use. Someone who doesn’t know you will weigh your words to see what kind of person you really are. Are you angry? Are you fun? Do you have a great sense of humor? Are you wise? Are you kind? Are you compassionate?

What if by our words someone became so intrigued with your life, with your words, with who you are that they want to know more. And as a result, this Jesus that you talk about? That is the power of our words. Of the tongue.

Let’s pray:

Lord, help me to honor you not only with my deeds but with my words. Let me use my words to celebrate you and your creation, not just on Sundays but every day. Open doors through my words to allow me to introduce those who don’t know your love to you. Amen.

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