• Lori Somerville


Walking in unity with other people is not easy. Different personalities, different giftings, different likes and dislikes, introverts, extroverts, how in the world do you get all these differences to come together and be unified? HOW?

But the answer is incredibly simple.

I don’t. You don’t. We don’t.

If you are walking in unity with God

Then unity with others is the natural result.

You don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to do anything.

I have been blessed to sit at the feet of some incredible women who taught me that when I am disturbed by something that someone else does I need to look within and ask God to show me what their behavior is triggering in me. I don’t need to fix them. I don’t need to know what God is trying to work out in them…….

In other words, I don’t have to like everything that you do or say to walk in unity with you. You don’t have to like everything that I do or say to walk in unity with me. It’s possible for us to not always agree with each other and still walk in unity.

We can, as the church, learn to love each other’s differences – to celebrate them even & to walk in unity together to where God is taking us.

Unity does not mean all alike. That is not God’s plan. We are all a part of God’s family. He is the head. We are his children. We are called to take up our places shoulder to shoulder with Jesus. No position is more important than another. Each one of us in all our differentness are called to advance the Kingdom of God here on earth. We need each other.

The world has it all wrong…….we can disagree and be in unity. We can have different ideas and be in unity. We can be called to move in totally different directions and still be in unity………………as long as we choose to walk together under the banners of love, grace and honor.

As long as God is the one we unite around.

If we will return our gaze to God.

If we will take care of our own hearts.

God will do the rest.

Psalm 133

1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity

Look around you – at the world we find ourselves in – this world needs unity more than ever before. It needs the church to stand up and show the world that living in unity with one another is possible.

Unity always precedes revival.

And our world desperately needs revival. Honestly, I think the church does too.

I’m all in. I hope you will be too.

We need to get this unity thing

Because if we as “the church” are going to impact our community we have to get a hold of how important unity is.

We have to be willing as individuals to choose unity over our own comfort, over our own desires.

It’s easy to “walk in unity” with someone who thinks just like you do – but what about the guy down the street who doesn’t agree with anything you do. Can you walk in unity with him?

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