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SOZO is a prophetic ministry for all - embracing healing and deliverance from bondage. SOZO helps uncover the roots that are keeping you from living a life of freedom and fullness.

In personal encounters with Jesus and through the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit, these roots are identified, removed and replaced by new life. In this way, when you receive a SOZO you can become whole and walk better in the destiny to which God has called you.

  • SOZO is an inner-healing and deliverance ministry

  • SOZO is simple, fast and effective

  • SOZO is prophetic, being guided by the Holy Spirit

  • SOZO helps you to live out healthy relationships and to move into your calling.

To describe SOZO in just a few words, we could say that it is a ministry of healing, freedom and restoration – healing your soul, freeing you from life-distorting lies and strongholds in your mind, and restoring your connection to the triune God.

At the same time, though, SOZO is also a lifestyle – because you can use the SOZO tools in everyday life and on your own.

To schedule a Sozo, please contact the church office at 802-893-1481

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